People regularly tell me they want results in their home business fast, like in 30 days, to grow new customers, get more referrals, have more Facebook friends and Twitter followers, etc. Those things are all possible, as long as your “operating system” and certain marketing strategies are in place, and you are driving momentum.

One thing that you can’t do is to speed up success and results by taking short cuts, doing the minimum amount of work or not willing to put the right things in place. It simply just doesn’t work that way and is actually a waste of your time.

Success and business results leave clues, they follow a process and unfold over a period of time. We all have to put in the grunt work, pay our dues and follow the path that naturally unfolds as we gain experience and wisdom and find the right formula for ourselves.

Overnight success, quick success and results is a myth, very difficult to sustain, unrealistic and short lived most of the time. Our greatest assets for sustaining success and getting results is clarity, focus, patience, consistency and grit.

Based on my ten years in the home business industry, here is my best advice I can give to anyone who wants successful results in their home-based business:

Be Very Strategic, Very Focused and Very Specific
Smaller is better, laser niching is smart. Determine your niche and target audience and focus your marketing on that niche.I recommend that you have a clear, thought-out, purposeful strategy for everything that you do and everyone that you invest time and energy with. Don’t get distracted for too long, stay focused in all that you do each day.

Pace Yourself and Be Consistent
Focus on today, not tomorrow. Remember Rome was not built overnight Don’t get overwhelmed and try to take in too much in any given day. You do not to want to become a victim of information overload. Pace yourself with a daily method of operations, be realistic and stick to it. Consistency is the key to success.

Sense When the Timing is Right or Wrong
If it feels right, then trust your instincts and go with it. If it feels wrong or there is any hint of reservation, wait and let more unfold and be revealed. This applies to new marketing campaigns or business opportunities, or anything new online that you might decide on.

Assess Opportunities That Are A Fit and Make Sense
A lot of opportunities come across our path, but not all are right for where we are and where we are going. Jump on the ones that make the best sense and fit your goals and direction to the present.

Have a Self-Management Plan and Network to Help and Support You
Do you have a mentor, accountability partner or group and confidants? Trusted professional colleagues, friends and family create a network to support and keep us honest and on track. It is important to surround yourself with successful people and have a good support mechanism in place. To be successful, you must have positive people in your life who believe in you and support you every step of the way.